Wood Types

Our furniture is manufactured from timber stock of premium quality. Our foremost preference is ash wood, represented in all our products, which is delivered from our timber supplier in Ydre, a tiny rural community in the heartland of southern Sweden. For hundreds of years, ash wood has been used, not only for premium furniture, but also for tools and farming equipment, as it is particularly strong, stable and pliable.

Tree trunks

The furniture is painted in an exclusive, and hardy high-gloss white paint, alternatively wood stained black or white, allowing the characteristic marbling of the ash wood to accentuate and characterise the look. Some of our furniture also contain components of beech wood, which is another very durable type of wood, the smooth surface of which is especially useful as a foundation for painting and laminate.

Birch plywood is a flat form wood manufactured with glue resin, high pressure, and heat treatment. This method yields a stable and sturdy product with a preserved wood feel while remaining supple, complementing the otherwise sturdy ash wood. The layering of the birch also provides delightful detailing to the side surfaces, and works well for tabletops and cabinets. Any beech that requires glazing, has been covered with ash sheeting for optimal look and resilience.


Our furniture contains various metal components. I addition to Swedish screws and fittings, and German hinges and gas struts, we utilise premium quality Swedish construction grade steel, along with aluminium composite of the very finest grade. All fittings are made to last for years of hard use and are specifically tailored for each product and format of use.

These components are carefully placed to fulfil the function of the individual piece, while discreetly limiting any overbearing influence of the specific design. Aluminium, often referred to as "the metal of the future", is a clever raw material since it provides recyclability at low effort. The aluminium composite that we use for certain surfaces is a sandwich style layered product composed of two exterior layers of aluminium and a core of polyethylene, yielding a component, which is light and rigid, with very solid traits and a resilient flat surface.

Light Weight Material

For furniture where the design demands lighter materials, we utilise premium birch plywood with ash layer or laminate coating. In some cases also a Re-board, which is a paper based sandwich construction, with exceptionally solid properties relative to it's weight. In it's basic form, this panel has a smooth surface with excellent rigidity, while an incorporated seal for repelling liquids ensures retention of form irrespective of local humidity levels. We are also able to use pure aluminium composite for doors.


All tabletops are layered with a laminate, which is exceptionally resilient to scratches, sustains temperatures up to 180 degrees centigrade, while also repelling liquids, making it an ideal tabletop surface.