Our Story

The Company

Plus Function is a Sweden, Stockholm-based furniture design and production house. Through founder and Creative Director Fredrik Hjelmqvist’s and Designer Jacob Almberg´s interest in architecture and furniture, a creator of Scandinavian multifunctional furniture was established in 2012. The following year began the first collection to sell. Plus Function combines Scandinavian furniture design with innovative features, with a product range from smaller interior assessors to different kinds of tables and other furniture. Our philosophy is to design and produce furniture that, apart from that they should be beautiful and functional, also enhances the user's style and personality. In creation we put great emphasis on design, function , materials, quality and durability.

Originating multifunctional products with a relatively high level of design is the basis of our operation. There are of course a plentitude of functional furniture, but we consider it an exciting challenge to develop concepts that can satisfy more requirements than the straightforward or the obvious. We strive to consider the bare aspect of function alongside the peripheral needs of the user and the aesthetic integration with the existing environment. From idea and design to the very final touches, in every detail and choice of materials, we iterate our ambition to merge design and function with simplistic quality and high standard. In a time where variety of choice can be overwhelming and where the products are all but disposable, we strive to achieve longevity and sustainability in each of our products.

Why multifunction?

We decided from the outset that we would aspire to something unique. We identified a market for furniture that can be adaptable while being aesthetically flexible with changing backdrops and surroundings. The answer was multifunctional furniture. Not only did we want to create furniture with several utilitarian functions, but also to ensure that each piece would cover intelligent and useful requirements. In short; furniture that incorporate design and utility without becoming bland and static while truly serving the functions intended.

The product development process

We develop products that appeal to ourselves. Beyond introducing new concepts, our objective is for our products to be of the utmost quality. Irrespective of the materials and fixtures required, we strive to source the very best quality. Or Scandinavian origins are reflected in the design and choices of colour. Swedish ash is our signature choice of wood and is painted with an environmentally friendly, high-gloss colour; colour code NCS S 0300-N. Alternatively a white or black wood glaze, which allows translucency, where the characteristic marbling and structure of the wood is visible. In addition, all table tops are covered with an exclusive high-pressure compacted laminate.