Who we are

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Worked with logistics and distribution in the electronics industry and is trained as a project leader of the IPMA. Versatile sports fanatic with climbing in various forms being a core interest. Is rarely seen without her French bulldog Knut, who comes along to the office every day.


International businessman and entrepreneur, who has long and extensive experience in a wide range of industries all over the world. Well-travelled Globetrotter with a background in mountaineering, trekking and other outdoor activities. Penchant for high speeds.


Worked with marketing and sales, and is currently re-educating herself in export sales, specialising in the German and English speaking markets. Ex footballer and is now a dedicated gym enthusiast. Boasts impressive whiskey connoisseur skills!

Knut, Dog

Knut, or his full name “Don Quixote”, is the office “snoring and fun-filled little glutton”. Knut loves to disturb us in the office by standing beneath tables in the office grunting to get some candies or treats.

Emelie Strand, Fredrik Hjelmqvist, Josefin Johansson, Knut

PONTUS RULANDER, Head of Technology

Computing buff with broad knowledge of IT, programming and new technology. Always first with the latest and is rarely seen without his Apple machines. Commutes between his homes in Oslo and Stockholm.

Pontus Rulander

JACOB ALMBERG, Head of Design

Designer & landscape architect with broad experience from a number of leading architect companies. A citizen of Hong Kong by birth, he has great knowledge of East Asian culture and design. One of two founders of the exclusive tea brand and shop "In The Mood For Tea" in Stockholm.


Graduated in Product Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. With a mixed Swedish/English background has he worked with interiors and product development and has international experience as a Project Manager with broad knowledge in design, materials and brand strategy. A special skill: Very good eye for detail.

Jacob Almberg, Mattias Envall

Furniture makers and artisans

Plus Function AB (Ltd) shares its office premises and manufacturing facilities with co-owner IDEI Concepts AB (Ltd) and utilises their highly experienced furniture makers and craftsmen to develop their products and manufacture them by request to customers from all over the world.

Furniture makers and artisans